A project of mobile school in furnished containers

To face the high cost of construction, the inefficient renting system for educational buildings and to fulfil a crucial need for students to move, Karongasoré launches the project of a mobile school in containers in Burkina Faso in 2016.


A mobile school fitted as a fully functional and legal building (surface, electricity, toilets…) to students in remote areas where there are no local schools. With this project, the school comes to the students saving them time in transportation everyday. It is easier to expend the building with this type of material than with traditional buildings.


To improve access to education for all, to improve literacy for those willing wherever they are. Save the students time in long exhausting transportation everyday. As in the leading school located in Ouagadougou, the goal is to provide the students and the teachers with a refectory promoting the importance of eating healthy, toilets for boys and girls, a library, a computer room and an administrative building.


Every school-aged child from primary school to high school. This project will adapt to any profile. In addition to school-aged children, it aims to reach non qualified adults who want to become literate.


For the past two years, our work in Burkina Faso has been led by Yves Zongo, a French teacher who founded the schools we support. He also is the treasurer of Karongasoré. Mr Zongo looks over our work with his local presence. The president of Karongasoré, Philippe Montoisy, visits several times a year to develop and follow our actions.


– The company Container Life specialises in making containers for the West Africa

– Donators’ support and fundraising among the members of Karongasoré


First, two locations are being assessed:

– Yako : improving the existing structure by adding a classroom, toilets, a refectory and slowly replacing the existing buildings with this new concept of containers.

– Siglé : create a whole new school on an existing land


The project is made possible thanks to the adaptability of the settings that will evolve depending on our capacity. It will take place over many years starting in October 2016.


We will be able to assess the evolution of the project at the beginning of every academic year because our actions follow the academic schedule. In Burkina Faso, school goes from October 1st to May 30th.